Friday, November 26, 2004

You can't fight the hemoglobin heroin.

Staring: Adrian Rawlins, Lee Blakemore, and Phil Cornwell.

Directed by
Charly Cantor

IMDB Plot Outline: 20 years ago, Carl was responsible for genetically engineering a girl with narcotic blood. Now he's brought her home - and the boundaries between love and addiction are becoming increasingly blurred.

That image on the cover appears nowhere in the film itself. And I was pleased by that, I expected it to be something like darkness falls or maybe ever a blockbuster horror rental. But it turned out to be a decent movie. This movie was more psychological that horror. Ok, so you save a girl with addictive blood from the junkies that keep her captive and take her home. She becomes a member of the family eventually stops walking around naked and starts acclimatizing with her surroundings and then becomes your sons best friend and spends hours playing Nintendo 64 with him. So it's almost kind of a sweet adoption story until the dad sees his creation get a cut on her finger and he can help but her apparently orgasmic addictive blood. But because whatever amount she loses she needs returned nine times over, it starts a situation that leads to affairs, divorce and junkie behavior. It's a highly sexual movie but not in the standard tawdry horror way. I know I'd find it hard to fight off the charms of Miss Lee Blakemore and that's without the drug blood. I was surprised by how good this movie was, especially because I first saw the trailer of this film on the DVD of the god awful movie called Vampires vs. Zombies. I both like and dislike this movie, I like it because it's a quality film, I dislike it because it means that there might be more diamonds in the rough, but it almost definitely means hours of shit to find them. But take it from me, this is a decent movie.

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