Monday, November 08, 2004

"I dont eat meat unless it's Dick Nixon."

Chistpher Lee IS Dracula to me. just look at the guy.
oh and look at this because it's awesome.

I am going to comic con next year. And I will dress up like a Klingon and I will make a total ass out of myself.

Today my brother and I had to choose between this:

and this:

We ended up choosing the second but either way, we're awesome.

and now some words from the mouth of that preacher...

"I'm so sick of arming the world, then sending troops over to destroy the fucking arms, you know what I mean? We keep arming these little countries, then we go and blow the shit out of them. We're like the bullies of the world, y'know. We're like Jack Palance in the movie Shane, throwing the pistol at the sheepherder's feet.

"Pick it up."

"I don't wanna pick it up, Mister, you'll shoot me."

"Pick up the gun."

"Mister, I don't want no trouble. I just came downtown here to get some hard rock candy for my kids, some gingham for my wife. I don't even know what gingham is, but she goes through about ten rolls a week of that stuff. I ain't looking for no trouble, Mister."

"Pick up the gun."

(He picks it up. Three shots ring out.)

"You all saw him - he had a gun."

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