Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Captain's Comic Critique

These will totally have spoilers.

Powers # 2

I'm holding on by a thread here. They need to do something quick or I'm going to drop this book.

X-Statix # 25

Man, this book was in a slump but now it's back and kicking ass. This issue was good, but nothing compares to the Mr. Sensitive vs. Iron man fight. Doop eating Thor's hammer comes close though.

Batman # 630

While not the most exiting book on the market, it's a solid read, and I like the fact that Judd Winick is at least trying to salvage something from the completely wasted potential of the hush story line.

The Astonishing X-Men # 3

The best X book out there right now. While that's not saying much at all because all the other x books suck, this one still has a little charm in it. I may be impartial because I liked the Buffy and Angel shows. So I do get a kick out of Joss Whedon's writing style. Still, it doesn't hold a candle to what Grant Morrison did.

The Walking Dead # 9

I seriously hope this comic never stops. I loves me the zombie comics. And this one is actually good too. So that's a bonus.

Fantastic Four # 516

I really hope that Mark Waid has something good cooked up for the next arc because this last one has bored me to death. I don't care about the Wizard's kid. I don't.

JLA # 102

I liked the first issue, but that was before I read this one and it turns out to be nothing but the jla crying and making mistakes. One issue, that's fine, a whole arc, that's not fine. And the flash is serious about fire alarms, I hope next issue green lantern deals with teen pregnancy and martian manhutder deals with pain of cigarette smoking.

Ultimate Fantastic Four # 9

It's Warren Ellis. Fuckin' a, just read it.

Sleeper Season Two # 2

Ed Brubaker puts out another good one. I know I've been waiting for the conversation in this issue since the book started. Should have known it would end badly.

Superman Birthright # 12

Now that the story is all said and done, I think it was a good story, not a world shattering continuity breaking story and not the most exciting story. But I think the last couple pages are worth the whole twelve issues.

Planetary # 20

Elijah Snow kills a group E.T. mixed with butterflies type of aliens. whatta douche bag.

The Amazing Spider-Man # 510

Ok, the story isn't that bad, but I need help with this, if these are his kids, than why do they look like they're in their twenties. That really dates peter parker. He doesn't look forty. I'll wait and see.

Kinetic # 5

It's nice to know even a kid who crush a mail truck in his hands can have problems talking to the ladies.

DC Comics Presents: Hawkman # 1

This one was nice, but I'll take a Kurt Busiek / Walt Simonson story any day. Also, I've missed Cary Bates. That's something someone who's 23 shouldn't say.

Avengers # 500

Ok, things have gone kinda nuts in the book. But the death of ant-man and vision don't really make me want to cry like a baby. But it does leave me intrigued. I'll stick around to see where this is going.

Superman # 207

Superman fighting mutants and finding mass graves. I think terra-man did it!

Green Lantern # 179

I did like this issue more than the last one. Kyle finally standing up and kicking a little ass, too bad that ass had to be John Stewart. This issue and the little preview of green lantern: rebirth in the newest wizard has really got me jazzed. It should be great.

The New Frontier # 5

My favorite book of the week. it was glorious. Hal Jordan in all his glory, it was wonderful. But the single greatest thing in the issue was the panels of wonder woman flying her invisible jet while her blood pools around her. It's an incredible image. Darwyn Cooke as an illustrator and as a writer has really knocked one outta the ball park.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Captain's Comic Critique

Plastic Man #8

This comic is absolutely hilarious, you should be buying it. I’ll give you a reason why, here's a line from it "In order to save your mother, Abraham Lincoln must die!" seriously, buy this book.

Justice League Elite #1

I should not have bought this. i could have rented return of the living dead 2 with the money.

DC Comics Presents: Green Lantern # 1

My favorite comic of the week. Brian Azzarello's story was wonderful. truly showing the child like kind of silliness a silver age story should have. Hal selling the most powerful weapon in the universe for a dollar. And how could I not mention gorilla grodd in drag trying to buy a ring for himself. Martin Pasko's story was decent, just not as appealing to me as the first story. A gorilla in drag is reason enough to buy this.

Ex Machina # 2

The second issue has kept up with the first in the realm of shock value. I like a book that will make me wonder what the hell I’m going to see on the next page, more comic books should be like that.

Hawkman #30

The Palmiotti / Gray team is really doing some neat work with this book. gritty crime drama and a guy with wings, and they pull it off. Ryan Sook's art is beautiful. I hope this team stays on the book for a long time.

Seaguy # 3

I fucking love Grant Morrison.

The Human Target # 12

This book is quality all the way around. I know Peter Milligan's marvel work is a little like someone paying for a new car (with the exception of X-Statix) but here is where he really shines, i know of Christopher Chance only in passing as a former comic shop employee but he has made the character someone that I care about and both admire and dislike.

The Spectacular Spider-Man # 17

I like Paul Jenkins, but can some one tell me how this ties into avengers disassembled other than the fact Captain America is in it?

The Flash # 212

Woo Hoo! Mirror Master doing some lines of coke!

Cable & Deadpool # 5

can' but at least patrick zircher's art is nice in some places.

Advenures of Superman # 630

Greg Rucka. I’m very glad you are writing this book. Good old' mxyzptlk. I can just imagine how horrifying and weird it must be if some sort of comical god decided to play tricks on you every ninety days.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Don't judge me unless you have walked in my shoes.

I was just kicking it at home last night when suddenly a loud knock on the door startled me. I slowly crept to the door, looking out I couldn't see anything. Just the fog rolling in from where ever it rolls from. I turn around and head towards the couch when, *knock knock knock* i turn around and I see the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Louie Anderson with red eyes and blood pouring from his mouth. "COREY..." he called in that scratchy, high pitched voice of his. "We’ve come to take you home now." i had finally been able to get a hold of my fear when he said that."h-home? I’m already at home, Mr. A-Anderson." the fear still showing through my voice. he didn't respond. he just stared at me through my door. then came the most awful sound. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and with that Louie Anderson had just phased through my door and was now in my house. "This be not your home, boy. This is just a place of broken dreams. Our home..... Our home lays beneath realm of time and space.”He said to me.”w-what do you mean, OUR home?" he started to float to me after I asked him that. “We are the eternal void. We are the voices that haunt your nights. We are FOREVER!" and with that he started to put his hands around my head. His body to gyrate and his eyes rolled back in his skull. i tried to raise my hands to fight it off but my body wouldn't respond. Then my eyes could only see white and then a flood of colors and sounds that I don't think any human has ever heard before. The next thing I know I’m awake in my bed. I go about my life the way I did before. But I have to ask myself, is this the real world or just some illusion that has been created by Louie Anderson to drain me of my brain juice? For my own sanity I hope I never find out.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Here are some random thoughts and links.

There is a secret song at the center of the world, and its sound is like razors through flesh.

I ate some chicken at Denny's last night that was covered in mysterious red sauce I think I can see the dead now. I also urinate carrot juice. go figure.

I saw anchorman the other day. If you don't think that movie is fucking hilarious, than there is something wrong with you.

go to this site comic fans. I've been a comic book fan for 15 years, I worked at a comic book store for 7 years, and this site of micro heroes has things that are beyond my knowledge. It’s vast. And barring a few exceptions, everything in there has actually been in a comic.

My brother Chad on Jaws IV: The Revenge , "I don't like movies that have shark vendettas, and yet I do. I have a Dual nature."

I swear when I woke up this morning I saw a four month old baby riding on a big wheel. My first thought was that the super smart babies are here to take over the world. Seriously. I think I've had that fear ever since I saw this movie.

Friday, July 23, 2004

nazi girl bands.

I was bored, and a thought came to my mind. "How would the band the go-go's look if they were Hitler?"

My brother Chad did the Photoshop work.

While this was conceived and created the song "no more tears" by Ozzy Osbourne was playing continuously.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Who wouldn't watch something like this?

My thoughts on the possibility of jack black playing green lantern.

  I can understand why the fans don’t want this. They want green lantern to be a massive space epic. I’ve heard fans say it could be on par with star wars. But the plain and simple fact is that most people don’t know green lantern that well. They may remember the symbol, but have no idea who or what he is.  I admit I wouldn’t mind seeing a huge space epic green lantern. But that’s not going to happen. A comedy with jack black, now especially because it’s Kyle Rayner, I could see how funny this would be. Kyle is such the everyman, so now with Jack Black playing him, he’d look like almost every man. Jack Black interacting with aliens and blue dwarfs is well worth the price of admission.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Comics: The Captain’s Comic Critique

Spider-man # 4
mark millar is doing the best spider book out there right now, of course that's not really saying all that much. but it's nice to see the daily bugle back in a spiderman comic. plus there's a mystery villain that hangs upside down. my hope is that it's the spider clone. because i think that would be fantastic. just say the whole clone thing never ended. i think millar could handle it so it wouldn't last forever.
The Pulse # 4
my favorite bendis book. i like the character of jessica jones, and also it's good to have bendis held down a little bit by continuity. he's doing a good job with norman osborne. having ben urich learn peter parker is spiderman is something that's a long time coming. i'd like if they could bring peter parker in as a back up character. that would fit a little better in my opinion.
She-Hulk # 5
the best book marvel is putting out. dan slott makes continuity not seem like a burden but more as a gift. he's fantastic. i can't wait for his run on the jla.
Captain America #29
a fun mindless comic. not up to robert kirkman's normal level of quality, but i'm sure it'll get there in a couple issues.
Green Arrow # 40
black canary is leaving ollie, not a huge surprise. he's not the most faithful out the superhero lot. judd winick is doing alright on this, i just want to know why there's a guy who's face looks like ground beef and he's wearing cornrows.
JLA # 101
i was pleasantly surprised by this comic. after such a long period of shit on the book,  chuck austen comes in an puts out a decent story. showing how jla can be there for each other in times of stress but it didn't seem forced like his marvel work. i hope the next issue keeps the same level of sincerity.
Legion # 35
gail simone and dan jurgens come in for the last arc of the series. its good but i can't help think that the shock of the issue would be higher if i didn't know this would all be moot because of the new revamp coming up. how many more revamps can legion take?
Ultimate X-Men # 49
while brian k vaughan is on the book, this will be the best x-men book out there. it's just too bad they couldn't end the franchise when grant morrison left.
Aquaman # 20
i like the new direction, but i just whole they start venturing into new territory. and a new aquagirl. not bad.
The Punisher # 9
the IRA, british soldiers, a guy with most of his face blown off and frank castle. god bless garth ennis.
Teen Titans # 13
the new origin of beast boy as forced by the new origin of the doom patrol. eh whatever. i'm more curious about when the fact that superboy is a clone of lex luthor and and superman is gonna come to superman's attention. a good issue anyway.
JSA # 66
i see things are coming to a head with nabu. i guess when you hold souls in a amulet for years they get a little bitter. i hope this leads to a return of sand hawkins to the jsa. he's a good character. poor rex tyler. i know if i was on earth because my son is trapped in a frozen point in time just before my death and i wasn't able to know if he was ok would weigh on me too.
Action Comics # 817
bang 'em up superman action. plus wonder woman's legs on the cover. that means i like it.
Superman/Batman # 11
that's what you get when you let your long lost cousin get kidnapped by space hitler. superman, you dumb ass.
DC Comics Presents : Mystery In Space # 1
grant morrison could write just about anything and it'd be good. now give him something that fits with him perfectly like adam strange, and you get a great comic book. i'm sure julie schwartz would have liked it.
Identity Crisis#
this mini has been amazing so far. it's only the second issue and i'm wondering who else is going to get the axe. having wally and kyle being like hal and barry but in reverse was a nice touch. the old jla was just a wee bit hardcore back in the day.all of this and the monocle! you can take my four bucks. 

Friday, July 16, 2004

Comics: DC comics for october

jeph loeb and tim sale haven’t let me down yet, so I think, I’ll stick with them a for a whilke.
Bill Willingham on batman. Plus how can you not buy a bloody thigh batman cover?
I trust greg rucka. But this cover scares the shit outta me. Little kid hands? *shiver*
Superman and batman taking over the world. Ok, that’s fine. This series had me at the big green Luthor armor.
a hardcover seems nice, too bad I have all the issues anyway. A lot of fans of John Byrne’s man of steel mini hate this with a passion. As someone who owns well over twenty years worth of superman comics, I’ll just say, calm the fuck down. He’s still wearing the cape and shooting heat out of his eyes. Nothing truly fundamental has changed. So Luthor isn’t childhood friends with Perry White anymore? Will that really keep you up at night?
I can’t gets me enough of superman. Why do you think I buy supreme power? Yes, the knock off green lantern too.
 an adam strange comic where it deals with almost all of the space faring heroes. Plus it’s by Andy Diggle and Pascal Ferry. That’s a sure fire captain purchase.
ok, the sinking of San Diego is cool and all but I didn’t think the whole book was gonna be centered around it. Lets move on to something else now.
Alas poor Ronnie, I knew him kinda of little bit.
Come on, like I wouldn’t be buying this. Hal fucking Jordan.
it’s been wonderful time for an fan of the satellite era jla like myself. My only problem is it looks like hal is about to bite barry’s little wing off.
JLA #107
Written by Kurt Busiek. Well it’s about fucking time.
JSA #66
god bless geoff johns for using characters that nobody thinks could be cool. And then *bang* *pow* they are.
Where did superboy’s jeans go?
I thought after geoff johns left the book, it would go to hell. I’m glad I was wrong.
This series has been intense so far, I’m looking forward to see who else joins the big dc afterlife.
man, warren ellis doing science fiction, dc is trying to make me broke, wait, I already am.
I have really wanted to read this series. I have issues here and there but it’s time I start getting the whole thing.
Jesus, I’m the biggest green lantern fan you’re gonna find, and I’m not willing to pay a hundred bucks for this.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Music: Velvet Revolver

I listened to the velvet revolver album. it has guys from two bands that i love but i still wasn't too impressed. it's got some ok rock songs, but I'm thinking Scott Wieland a bad fit, he's fits with more of a zeppelin mixed with the beatles type which is basically what stone temple pilots was going for. i think Scott is using. he looks like shit. and it takes a lot to look like shit when you're standing next to slash. but all in all, even if i was kinda disappointed by it, it's still better then most popular rock music out there. don't think so? watch yellowcard or simple plan or new found glory or any other of that shit music, then watch velvet revolver. you'll think Elvis Presley is back from the dead and pissing a rainbow of rock & roll glory all over you.

Comics: the dc stuff in august

Batman :
I love comics like this, twelve cents? count me in. it's takes things back to the way it should be, buying comic books with what change you have left over after buying a apparently starts off a batman book crossover, now, I normally get a kick out of the batman crossovers, because back in the day it used to be basically the batman family in an Erwin Allen disaster movie, they did earthquakes, flesh eating disease, and even an escape from new york type of thing, i just wish they'd have done one, in a luxury cruse ship that got turned over by a tidal wave. i don't buy all of the batman books anymore, so it'll be interesting to see if i can get a descent story out of the books I still do get.
 This was a very good batman mini. Pain suffering and family bonding through out the ages. Also, if you like seeing batman take mystery drugs, you'll like this book.
it's in honor of the comic book legend Julius Schwartz, it's written by stan lee and brain azzerello. that's a must buy.
i don't care how many hoards of fan boys say otherwise, chuck austin is not the worst comic book writer ever. what he's done thus far with action comics proves it. "ohh it's stupid, all superman is doing is fighting" first thing, duh, it's action comics, jag off, secondly, if someone tells me this is the worst superman ever, I’ll just pull out my any copy I own of the mid nineties mullet superman. And finally not everyone can be Grant Morrison. Give the guy a break. Plus, I think weapons master is on the cover, which is rad.
Bringing supergirl back is surprisingly something, i didn't see coming. But I do trust jeph loeb. that last story arc on this book was a blast. but mostly because i'd trust anyone who created teen wolf.
 looks like things are shitty in the middle east even in the dcu , doing some dangerous reporting. Things look bad for Lois, still,she's come a long way
say what you want about jim lee, but that man draws a decent superman. plus it looks like superman is fighting lovecraftian type creatures in up coming issues. fantastic
.the rest of the dcu
this should be interesting, i like the new creative team. "American tidal" while a terrible name, has been a wonderful aquaman story so far, people throwing dogs into the ocean so the won't asphyxiate. great stuff, and aquaman kicks ass, of course.
 what happens when a kick ass "image" version of superman gets stuck in the dc universe, well, this will tell you. i enjoyed the superman story that this started from, i liked the joe casey run on the character and of course the alan moore use of him, there are plenty of good reasons to buy this comic, but why am i buying it? BECAUSE SUPERMAN FIGHTS THIS GUY WHO'S LIKE SUPERMAN,AND IT'S AWESOME. gotta be honest.
JSA #64
 jsa is a solid book, always entertaining. Quite possibly the best team book on the market now. is that the jack kirby sandman i see on the cover? i think so.
this looks like it might be the last dance for kyle rayner as the main character of the green lantern book. while hal jordan is green lantern to me, i still like kyle, i don't read a character for ten years and not get attached. i have a feeling he'll still be around. and as for the people who shit on hal jordan returning, who cares? why would it bug you? that's almost as sad as being bugged by the fact he was changed. this is fucking comic books, i don't want death to be real. i'm reading about a guy with a magic ring given to him by small blue dwarfs and you are talking about reality? gimme a break.
Wildstorm & Vertgo:
BITE CLUB #5An insestual mafia vampire catholic priest story. I’ll take me on of those
 now this is one hell of a book. Human target. Master of disguise. if you ever feel like you don't know who you are, christopher chance has got you beat
pfft, swamp thing sucks. (for mike)But really, i don't know too much about swamp thing, but i like this.
it's the best last man left alive with the last male pet monkey book I’ve ever read.
it's john constantine. i think that's all i have to say.
book has been rather bland since they restarted it. i can't wait for ed brubaker to bring a little charge back into the title.
WE3 #1
"The Incredible Journey meets The Terminator in WE3 — a heartbreaking animal adventure like no other. The eagerly awaited reunion of the white-hot team of Grant Morrison (JLA, New X-Men) and Frank Quitely (THE AUTHORITY, New X-Men),WE3 is their most ambitious collaboration yet — their own unique attempt to create a 'Western manga' — in a wild adventure that readers of any age can enjoy. They're the ultimate cyborg assassins; armed with missiles, poison gas, state-of-the-art computer technology and unbreakable exo-skeletons. The government has spent millions to fuse the firepower of a battalion with the nervous systems of a dog named Bandit, a cat named Tinker, and a rabbit named Pirate. As part of a program to replace human soldiers with expendable animals, the U.S. government has transformed three ordinary pets into the ultimate killing machines. But now, those three animals have seized the chance to make a last, desperate run for 'Home'. A run that will turn into a breathless hunt to the death against the might of the entire military/industrial complex. Prepare for adrenaline rushes and flowing tears as the world's deadliest, most misunderstood animals make a spectacular, unforgettable bid for freedom!"
i fucking love grant morrison.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Movies: some reviews

i saw Big Fish today. I liked it a lot. it had a strong father son story that spoke to me. I think, it's the best Tim Burton films i've seen in a long time. the cast was fantastic. Ewan McGregor was wonderful. Albert Finney & Jessica Lange were amazing too. Helena Bonham Carter was a lovely even as a witch. Alison Lohman was beautiful as always. This film was very touching. it's a movie that'll make you want to give your dad a hug.

Bad Santa was one of the most evil yet heart warming films I've seen in a while. I've never heard a fat slow kid called retarded or Mongoloid as much as i have in this film. Billy Bob Thornton was fucking evil. he was just a rat bastard, but you couldn't help but like him. Lauren Graham was cute as hell. John Ritter was brilliant and funny as hell, even in the small role. I'm glad this was his last movie. he was hilarious. This is one funny fucking movie.

Spider-Man 2. I really got a kick out of it.It is better than the first one. It's not Shakespeare, but superhero movies really shouldn't be. the biggest reason to see the movie, in my opinion, is this man

Friday, July 09, 2004

Comics: The Captain's Comic Critique

Scratch # 2

Ahh Sam Kieth. been a fan of his for a while. and as my
buddy dorian would say, I'm a real fan of Sam Kieth because I'll buy his books even when he's not doing wolverine. Plus it's about a werewolf. how can you go wrong?

Tom Strong # 27

This book can't help but be worse after Alan Moore left it. but it's still pretty damn good. But I'm a sucker for well dressed men with mood color changing cabbage heads.

Invaders # 0

West coast avengers with a golden age members there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you admit it.

Fantastic Four # 515

I'm not too thrilled with the story. Pretty boring. it may be me, but basing a story on the daughter of the wizard isn't gonna bring that many people but I'm just bitter because they're messing with my favorite shitty villain, the trapster.

Hard Time # 6

Not only does this sixteen year old kid who's in prison for life have super powers that he doesn't know about, but in this issue he just saved himself from a religious nut by turning an old stereo into a stun gun. If you have $2.50 in your pocket, and I know you do, you should get this.

The Monolith # 6

This "monster book" is one of my favorite from dc these days. A reformed prostitute living in the house of her dead grandmother and inheriting her grandma's secret Golem. fan-fucking-tastic. that batman is in this issue just makes it a little icing on the cake.

Supreme Power # 11

Now I don't mind seeing Gary Frank draw tits for a couple issues, but it's already issue eleven and all the characters haven't even met each other yet. Decompresed story telling is getting old very fast. but this book hasn't reached bendis level yet. but it's getting there.

Powers vol. 2 # 1

speak of the devil. i love omeing's art now if i didn't have to see the same panels repeated four or five times, I'd be happy. bendis' writing style is really starting to get on my nerves. now I'm no bendis hater, i enjoyed some of the powers issues. but I've seen do better. i did enjoy his collaboration with mark millar on ultimate fantastic four. I'll powers a couple more issues.

Swamp Thing # 5

I only own a little of the previous swamp thing comics. but I've heard the story the character mostly through talking to my pal mike, but I'm enjoying this despite my lack of knowledge of the back story. But john constatine and what appear to be hydrogen filled cat balloons will keep me coming back for more.

Y The Last Man # 24

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this wonderful series? All I know is that poor yorick will never get laid without something going wrong.

Ultimate Spider-Man # 62

Now I think bendis is better on this than he is on his other books. There does seem to be more going on than in his other books. But still so incredibly slow. but I do see one little problem with the book. THERE'S NO FUCKING SPIDER-MAN IN IT! not even peter parker. Just characters talking about him. that's even worse that bruce jones' hulk. at least bruce banner is in the fucking issues. should i expect when bendis takes over avengers to have stories with jarvis the butler looking at computer files thinking about the team?

Firestorm # 3

I'm liking the new firestorm. I'm curious about what happened to the old one. so far it's been a pretty good book.

DC Comics Presents : Batman # 1

you should be buying this and all the other tributes to Julie Schwartz. the man was the best. and these are fine tributes to a comic book legend.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Comics: random spider-man fun.

I didn't even care about what was inside, I bought it just for the cover.

Yes, that is J. Jonah Jameson with a pink shot gun. No, he doesn't have it inside, but the cover is good enough for me. Two dollars and fifty cents mighty well spent, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Movies: some good but not feel good flicks.

I just watched Laurel Canyon which, just made me angry. Which is a sign of a good movie if it elicits an emotional response. I just thank Christ that i don't have a rock & roll mom. a great thing about it is, that with the exception of Frances McDormand, every important member of the cast had fake accents. I’m sure that's very common to films, but I still get a kick out of it anyway.

I also watched Swimming with Sharks. now, I don't think I’ve seen this movie in ten years. Kevin Spacey is a genius, but no surprise there. Watching these two movies didn't give me a fantastically warm feeling for humanity, but that wasn't the point.

I also viewed lost in translation. Fantastic movie. I see why bill is winning awards for his performance I wanted to be bill murray when I was a little kid, it's nice to see that some things don't change.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Comics: The Captain's Comic Critique

X-Statics # 24

Maybe my favorite issue of the whole run. You seriously can't beat two men with different medical conditions fighting naked.

Doom Patrol # 1

I don't know what to feel about this one. It reminds me of a time when I didn't judge comic books by quality but by how many vampires, apes, and robots were in the book. I'll give it another issue.

Ultimate X-Men # 48

This looks like the only X book that does have a creator whiting out what the creator before him just did. So that makes it my favorite X book. Brian K. Vaughan is doing a great job. And it's nice to know that nightcrawler and I fantasize about the same thing.

JLA # 100

I like Joe Kelly's work when he isn't trying to make a point. When he's just having fun with the characters. because if there was a creator to point out the differences between the justice league and the authority, it's not him. I'm hoping for a good justice league story soon. but I don't think I'll get it.

Batman #629

Arg! The cover just reminds me again and again how hush could have been the best batman story ever, if they had only actually made Jason Todd the villain but Judd Winick is doing a decent job.

Sleeper : Season Two # 1

a high quality book. sleeper is the reason I'm a fan of Ed Brubaker, if it wasn't for my pal
Dorian, I don't think I would have picked it up. These are not good people, but the writer makes you care about them. I highly recommend it.

Star Wars Tales # 20

it's truly the only star wars series you need to buy. this is the indie comic creator issue of the book, which included James Kochalka, Gilbert Hernandez, and Peter Bagge. with such fantastic stories like "George R. Binks" the perpetually ashamed father of jar jar binks, "Melvin Fett" the bungling cousin of Boba, and my favorite, the adventures of young lando calrissian, you cannot go wrong by buying this issue.

Green Lantern # 178

I'm a fan of Kyle Rayner, but I'm not a fan of how Ron Marz makes his life a living hell. I don't like hearing Kyle whine all the time. This is why I liked Judd WinCIM's run better, Kyle grew as a character. now he's almost right back to being the peter parker of dc again. I can't wait until Geoff Johns does his thing on rebirth. With Hal coming back it'll be a big event. something that the green lantern book hasn't had in a long time.

Ultimate Fantastic Four # 8

Bless Warren Ellis. doctor doom, a descendent of dracula. The only bodily organ Reed Richard's has is a digestive sack in his chest. Reed asking Ben Grimm if he still takes a shit. This book along with the normal marvel universe FF make it a good time to be a fan of the fantastic four.

Invincible # 13

Quite simply one of the best superhero books on the market. Robert Kirkman has made a huge fan outta me. Maybe not enough to buy the jubilee book he's doing for marvel but I'll buy pretty much anything else. read this book.