Sunday, July 18, 2004

Comics: The Captain’s Comic Critique

Spider-man # 4
mark millar is doing the best spider book out there right now, of course that's not really saying all that much. but it's nice to see the daily bugle back in a spiderman comic. plus there's a mystery villain that hangs upside down. my hope is that it's the spider clone. because i think that would be fantastic. just say the whole clone thing never ended. i think millar could handle it so it wouldn't last forever.
The Pulse # 4
my favorite bendis book. i like the character of jessica jones, and also it's good to have bendis held down a little bit by continuity. he's doing a good job with norman osborne. having ben urich learn peter parker is spiderman is something that's a long time coming. i'd like if they could bring peter parker in as a back up character. that would fit a little better in my opinion.
She-Hulk # 5
the best book marvel is putting out. dan slott makes continuity not seem like a burden but more as a gift. he's fantastic. i can't wait for his run on the jla.
Captain America #29
a fun mindless comic. not up to robert kirkman's normal level of quality, but i'm sure it'll get there in a couple issues.
Green Arrow # 40
black canary is leaving ollie, not a huge surprise. he's not the most faithful out the superhero lot. judd winick is doing alright on this, i just want to know why there's a guy who's face looks like ground beef and he's wearing cornrows.
JLA # 101
i was pleasantly surprised by this comic. after such a long period of shit on the book,  chuck austen comes in an puts out a decent story. showing how jla can be there for each other in times of stress but it didn't seem forced like his marvel work. i hope the next issue keeps the same level of sincerity.
Legion # 35
gail simone and dan jurgens come in for the last arc of the series. its good but i can't help think that the shock of the issue would be higher if i didn't know this would all be moot because of the new revamp coming up. how many more revamps can legion take?
Ultimate X-Men # 49
while brian k vaughan is on the book, this will be the best x-men book out there. it's just too bad they couldn't end the franchise when grant morrison left.
Aquaman # 20
i like the new direction, but i just whole they start venturing into new territory. and a new aquagirl. not bad.
The Punisher # 9
the IRA, british soldiers, a guy with most of his face blown off and frank castle. god bless garth ennis.
Teen Titans # 13
the new origin of beast boy as forced by the new origin of the doom patrol. eh whatever. i'm more curious about when the fact that superboy is a clone of lex luthor and and superman is gonna come to superman's attention. a good issue anyway.
JSA # 66
i see things are coming to a head with nabu. i guess when you hold souls in a amulet for years they get a little bitter. i hope this leads to a return of sand hawkins to the jsa. he's a good character. poor rex tyler. i know if i was on earth because my son is trapped in a frozen point in time just before my death and i wasn't able to know if he was ok would weigh on me too.
Action Comics # 817
bang 'em up superman action. plus wonder woman's legs on the cover. that means i like it.
Superman/Batman # 11
that's what you get when you let your long lost cousin get kidnapped by space hitler. superman, you dumb ass.
DC Comics Presents : Mystery In Space # 1
grant morrison could write just about anything and it'd be good. now give him something that fits with him perfectly like adam strange, and you get a great comic book. i'm sure julie schwartz would have liked it.
Identity Crisis#
this mini has been amazing so far. it's only the second issue and i'm wondering who else is going to get the axe. having wally and kyle being like hal and barry but in reverse was a nice touch. the old jla was just a wee bit hardcore back in the day.all of this and the monocle! you can take my four bucks. 

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