Thursday, July 01, 2004

Comics: The Captain's Comic Critique

X-Statics # 24

Maybe my favorite issue of the whole run. You seriously can't beat two men with different medical conditions fighting naked.

Doom Patrol # 1

I don't know what to feel about this one. It reminds me of a time when I didn't judge comic books by quality but by how many vampires, apes, and robots were in the book. I'll give it another issue.

Ultimate X-Men # 48

This looks like the only X book that does have a creator whiting out what the creator before him just did. So that makes it my favorite X book. Brian K. Vaughan is doing a great job. And it's nice to know that nightcrawler and I fantasize about the same thing.

JLA # 100

I like Joe Kelly's work when he isn't trying to make a point. When he's just having fun with the characters. because if there was a creator to point out the differences between the justice league and the authority, it's not him. I'm hoping for a good justice league story soon. but I don't think I'll get it.

Batman #629

Arg! The cover just reminds me again and again how hush could have been the best batman story ever, if they had only actually made Jason Todd the villain but Judd Winick is doing a decent job.

Sleeper : Season Two # 1

a high quality book. sleeper is the reason I'm a fan of Ed Brubaker, if it wasn't for my pal
Dorian, I don't think I would have picked it up. These are not good people, but the writer makes you care about them. I highly recommend it.

Star Wars Tales # 20

it's truly the only star wars series you need to buy. this is the indie comic creator issue of the book, which included James Kochalka, Gilbert Hernandez, and Peter Bagge. with such fantastic stories like "George R. Binks" the perpetually ashamed father of jar jar binks, "Melvin Fett" the bungling cousin of Boba, and my favorite, the adventures of young lando calrissian, you cannot go wrong by buying this issue.

Green Lantern # 178

I'm a fan of Kyle Rayner, but I'm not a fan of how Ron Marz makes his life a living hell. I don't like hearing Kyle whine all the time. This is why I liked Judd WinCIM's run better, Kyle grew as a character. now he's almost right back to being the peter parker of dc again. I can't wait until Geoff Johns does his thing on rebirth. With Hal coming back it'll be a big event. something that the green lantern book hasn't had in a long time.

Ultimate Fantastic Four # 8

Bless Warren Ellis. doctor doom, a descendent of dracula. The only bodily organ Reed Richard's has is a digestive sack in his chest. Reed asking Ben Grimm if he still takes a shit. This book along with the normal marvel universe FF make it a good time to be a fan of the fantastic four.

Invincible # 13

Quite simply one of the best superhero books on the market. Robert Kirkman has made a huge fan outta me. Maybe not enough to buy the jubilee book he's doing for marvel but I'll buy pretty much anything else. read this book.


Tom the Dog said...

Ultimate X-Men -- do you mean DOESN'T have a creator whiting out...? And I had no idea Vaughn was doing it. I might have to get it now. And you, Mike and Ian have raved enough about that Star Wars issue that I HAVE to get it. Damn it, you're bankrupting me!!

Corey Beckner said...

you will buy comics! bwahahaha