Friday, July 09, 2004

Comics: The Captain's Comic Critique

Scratch # 2

Ahh Sam Kieth. been a fan of his for a while. and as my
buddy dorian would say, I'm a real fan of Sam Kieth because I'll buy his books even when he's not doing wolverine. Plus it's about a werewolf. how can you go wrong?

Tom Strong # 27

This book can't help but be worse after Alan Moore left it. but it's still pretty damn good. But I'm a sucker for well dressed men with mood color changing cabbage heads.

Invaders # 0

West coast avengers with a golden age members there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you admit it.

Fantastic Four # 515

I'm not too thrilled with the story. Pretty boring. it may be me, but basing a story on the daughter of the wizard isn't gonna bring that many people but I'm just bitter because they're messing with my favorite shitty villain, the trapster.

Hard Time # 6

Not only does this sixteen year old kid who's in prison for life have super powers that he doesn't know about, but in this issue he just saved himself from a religious nut by turning an old stereo into a stun gun. If you have $2.50 in your pocket, and I know you do, you should get this.

The Monolith # 6

This "monster book" is one of my favorite from dc these days. A reformed prostitute living in the house of her dead grandmother and inheriting her grandma's secret Golem. fan-fucking-tastic. that batman is in this issue just makes it a little icing on the cake.

Supreme Power # 11

Now I don't mind seeing Gary Frank draw tits for a couple issues, but it's already issue eleven and all the characters haven't even met each other yet. Decompresed story telling is getting old very fast. but this book hasn't reached bendis level yet. but it's getting there.

Powers vol. 2 # 1

speak of the devil. i love omeing's art now if i didn't have to see the same panels repeated four or five times, I'd be happy. bendis' writing style is really starting to get on my nerves. now I'm no bendis hater, i enjoyed some of the powers issues. but I've seen do better. i did enjoy his collaboration with mark millar on ultimate fantastic four. I'll powers a couple more issues.

Swamp Thing # 5

I only own a little of the previous swamp thing comics. but I've heard the story the character mostly through talking to my pal mike, but I'm enjoying this despite my lack of knowledge of the back story. But john constatine and what appear to be hydrogen filled cat balloons will keep me coming back for more.

Y The Last Man # 24

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this wonderful series? All I know is that poor yorick will never get laid without something going wrong.

Ultimate Spider-Man # 62

Now I think bendis is better on this than he is on his other books. There does seem to be more going on than in his other books. But still so incredibly slow. but I do see one little problem with the book. THERE'S NO FUCKING SPIDER-MAN IN IT! not even peter parker. Just characters talking about him. that's even worse that bruce jones' hulk. at least bruce banner is in the fucking issues. should i expect when bendis takes over avengers to have stories with jarvis the butler looking at computer files thinking about the team?

Firestorm # 3

I'm liking the new firestorm. I'm curious about what happened to the old one. so far it's been a pretty good book.

DC Comics Presents : Batman # 1

you should be buying this and all the other tributes to Julie Schwartz. the man was the best. and these are fine tributes to a comic book legend.


Tom the Dog said...

You're right, we do have similar posts on Supreme Power and Powers! Especially the first. I like how we both segued into Powers by describing Supreme Power as almost Bendis-slow. Great minds etc.

Corey Beckner said...

amen, brother!