Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Captain's Comic Critique

Plastic Man #8

This comic is absolutely hilarious, you should be buying it. I’ll give you a reason why, here's a line from it "In order to save your mother, Abraham Lincoln must die!" seriously, buy this book.

Justice League Elite #1

I should not have bought this. i could have rented return of the living dead 2 with the money.

DC Comics Presents: Green Lantern # 1

My favorite comic of the week. Brian Azzarello's story was wonderful. truly showing the child like kind of silliness a silver age story should have. Hal selling the most powerful weapon in the universe for a dollar. And how could I not mention gorilla grodd in drag trying to buy a ring for himself. Martin Pasko's story was decent, just not as appealing to me as the first story. A gorilla in drag is reason enough to buy this.

Ex Machina # 2

The second issue has kept up with the first in the realm of shock value. I like a book that will make me wonder what the hell I’m going to see on the next page, more comic books should be like that.

Hawkman #30

The Palmiotti / Gray team is really doing some neat work with this book. gritty crime drama and a guy with wings, and they pull it off. Ryan Sook's art is beautiful. I hope this team stays on the book for a long time.

Seaguy # 3

I fucking love Grant Morrison.

The Human Target # 12

This book is quality all the way around. I know Peter Milligan's marvel work is a little like someone paying for a new car (with the exception of X-Statix) but here is where he really shines, i know of Christopher Chance only in passing as a former comic shop employee but he has made the character someone that I care about and both admire and dislike.

The Spectacular Spider-Man # 17

I like Paul Jenkins, but can some one tell me how this ties into avengers disassembled other than the fact Captain America is in it?

The Flash # 212

Woo Hoo! Mirror Master doing some lines of coke!

Cable & Deadpool # 5

can' but at least patrick zircher's art is nice in some places.

Advenures of Superman # 630

Greg Rucka. I’m very glad you are writing this book. Good old' mxyzptlk. I can just imagine how horrifying and weird it must be if some sort of comical god decided to play tricks on you every ninety days.

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