Thursday, July 15, 2004

Music: Velvet Revolver

I listened to the velvet revolver album. it has guys from two bands that i love but i still wasn't too impressed. it's got some ok rock songs, but I'm thinking Scott Wieland a bad fit, he's fits with more of a zeppelin mixed with the beatles type which is basically what stone temple pilots was going for. i think Scott is using. he looks like shit. and it takes a lot to look like shit when you're standing next to slash. but all in all, even if i was kinda disappointed by it, it's still better then most popular rock music out there. don't think so? watch yellowcard or simple plan or new found glory or any other of that shit music, then watch velvet revolver. you'll think Elvis Presley is back from the dead and pissing a rainbow of rock & roll glory all over you.

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