Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Captain's Comic Critique

These will totally have spoilers.

Powers # 2

I'm holding on by a thread here. They need to do something quick or I'm going to drop this book.

X-Statix # 25

Man, this book was in a slump but now it's back and kicking ass. This issue was good, but nothing compares to the Mr. Sensitive vs. Iron man fight. Doop eating Thor's hammer comes close though.

Batman # 630

While not the most exiting book on the market, it's a solid read, and I like the fact that Judd Winick is at least trying to salvage something from the completely wasted potential of the hush story line.

The Astonishing X-Men # 3

The best X book out there right now. While that's not saying much at all because all the other x books suck, this one still has a little charm in it. I may be impartial because I liked the Buffy and Angel shows. So I do get a kick out of Joss Whedon's writing style. Still, it doesn't hold a candle to what Grant Morrison did.

The Walking Dead # 9

I seriously hope this comic never stops. I loves me the zombie comics. And this one is actually good too. So that's a bonus.

Fantastic Four # 516

I really hope that Mark Waid has something good cooked up for the next arc because this last one has bored me to death. I don't care about the Wizard's kid. I don't.

JLA # 102

I liked the first issue, but that was before I read this one and it turns out to be nothing but the jla crying and making mistakes. One issue, that's fine, a whole arc, that's not fine. And the flash is serious about fire alarms, I hope next issue green lantern deals with teen pregnancy and martian manhutder deals with pain of cigarette smoking.

Ultimate Fantastic Four # 9

It's Warren Ellis. Fuckin' a, just read it.

Sleeper Season Two # 2

Ed Brubaker puts out another good one. I know I've been waiting for the conversation in this issue since the book started. Should have known it would end badly.

Superman Birthright # 12

Now that the story is all said and done, I think it was a good story, not a world shattering continuity breaking story and not the most exciting story. But I think the last couple pages are worth the whole twelve issues.

Planetary # 20

Elijah Snow kills a group E.T. mixed with butterflies type of aliens. whatta douche bag.

The Amazing Spider-Man # 510

Ok, the story isn't that bad, but I need help with this, if these are his kids, than why do they look like they're in their twenties. That really dates peter parker. He doesn't look forty. I'll wait and see.

Kinetic # 5

It's nice to know even a kid who crush a mail truck in his hands can have problems talking to the ladies.

DC Comics Presents: Hawkman # 1

This one was nice, but I'll take a Kurt Busiek / Walt Simonson story any day. Also, I've missed Cary Bates. That's something someone who's 23 shouldn't say.

Avengers # 500

Ok, things have gone kinda nuts in the book. But the death of ant-man and vision don't really make me want to cry like a baby. But it does leave me intrigued. I'll stick around to see where this is going.

Superman # 207

Superman fighting mutants and finding mass graves. I think terra-man did it!

Green Lantern # 179

I did like this issue more than the last one. Kyle finally standing up and kicking a little ass, too bad that ass had to be John Stewart. This issue and the little preview of green lantern: rebirth in the newest wizard has really got me jazzed. It should be great.

The New Frontier # 5

My favorite book of the week. it was glorious. Hal Jordan in all his glory, it was wonderful. But the single greatest thing in the issue was the panels of wonder woman flying her invisible jet while her blood pools around her. It's an incredible image. Darwyn Cooke as an illustrator and as a writer has really knocked one outta the ball park.

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