Sunday, November 14, 2004

The True Power Of Science

Choke Canyon

Staring :Stephen Collins,Janet Julian, and Lance Henriksen

Directed by
Charles Bail

IMDB Plot Outline: A "cowboy"-scientist is fighting a corporation who wants to dump atomic waste on a piece of land he has leased.

A cowboy scientist. that really says it all doesn't it? this is Steven Collins finest role post star trek the motion picture and pre 7th heaven. and Lance Henriksen puts in a nice showing as well. Now, if you are fan of science being portrayed accurately, then don't watch this movie, but if you want your science with a cowboy had and an attitude, then choke canyon is right up your alley. this is not the stuff that those eggheads at those universities do, this is the true science. Steven Collins is a Cowboy scientist who has figured out that if he can bring Haley's comet into choke canyon he would be able to use the sound waves as an inexhaustible source of energy for the world. No, I'm not making this up. everything is going well until Lance Henriksen representing an evil corporation plans on dumping toxic waste in the canyon. This sets up a chain of events that can only be explained by the words "COWBOY SCIENCE". But ultimately there is only one reason to watch this movie. The chase scene at the end of this film is just lovely. it involves a helicopter that is carrying a plastic ball filled with toxic waste, a by-plane, and two buses filled with tourists. Steven Collins needs to bring the ball of toxic waste to a congress man for a proper investigation to start, needless to say, the evil corporation doesn't want to display one of their toxic balls. so the cowboy scientist steals the helicopter but is then chased by the by-plane. the chase takes an intense turn when Steven Collins has to set down on a bus to lose the corporation lackey. but the lackey knows that turnabout is fair play and lands his by-plane on another tour bus. So the chase is now taking place between two buses with aircraft on top of them. Steven has his helicopter lift off but not before some more corporate scum latch on to the ball. So he hands control of the helicopter and slides down the high tension wire to fight the bad guy. Steven kicks the man off, and then finally, the helicopter lands in front of a city hall with Steven Collins standing on a ball of toxic waste. the corporation gets theirs, and then Mr. Collins puts his "COWBOY SCIENCE" to good use and makes a comet fly through a canyon. Watch this movie if only for the opportunity to witness (I think unintentionally) a sexual metaphor on a planetary scale.

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