Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Eight random thoughts and things that are going on with me.

1) It amazes me how insane this tribal mentality is getting. Sorry if I don't automatically hate someone who voted for bush. i may hate what he stands for but people have the right to vote for him. Should I turn in my liberal club card?

2) i found out I'm second cousins with Angus Scrimm. Time to get me some of that Phantasm money!

3) I had the idea of killing everyone else on the earth with the name Corey. I'd save Corey Feldman and Corey Haim for last, for their crime is the most severe. I should probably be on some sort of medication.

4) I had a dream last night that I was on a road trip and I pulled off the road in Arizona and all of a sudden a large group of people picked me up and took me to a massive amphitheater and then awarded me with the title "King Douche Bag". OK, I didn't dream that, but it would be cool if did.

5) I think the smiths and Morrissey are a bit overrated I've only ever liked "how soon is now" and it's not enough to get me to fawn over them. I do love Robert Smith though, even though he's starting to look like pizza the hutt.

6) i want to gather together the few people left on the planet that have the captain power tapes and toy ships and somehow make a Clandestine society that's only goal is to make our future like that on the tapes we watched as kids.

7) I keep on fucking missing scrubs. The venture brothers too. Also apparently Ronnie James fucking Dio played the theater just before Halloween. This pisses me off. I tell you if my large Irish head wasn't attached to my body it would just float away.

8) the other day i was asked this question "What WAS Kids Incorporated?" and answered quickly by saying "it was essentially the Mickey Mouse Club for the 80's". but inside that question exposed feelings i didn't even know were there. not only did that show give us high quality levels of children over acting, but it also lovingly marginalized songs from the current and previous generations. its responsible for Martika who gave us the wonderful single "toy soldiers", Ryan Lambert who played "Rudy" in monster squad , Mario López Slater of "Saved by the bell" fame,Jennifer Love Hewitt , and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (and she was also in Mr. T's rock opera "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool!") No normal show could give us so much. So on the surfice I had an answer for the question, but inside, I just had to ask myself, "What WAS Kids Incorporated?"


Dorian said...

Sorry if I don't automatically hate someone who voted for bush.HERETIC!!!

David Fiore said...

I'm afraid I can't join you in loving Robert Smith, Corey--it's not even his fault really, it's just that an ex-girlfriend of mine was troubled by recurring nightmares in which the ol' Goth himself appeared out of nowhere, dressed in a "crazy Pierrot costume" (her description, not mine) and commenced assaulting her... that's not right... Of course, Taimi's "good dreams" were pretty much the same, but with Marilyn Manson wearing the costume... but still, Robert should be ashamed of himself!

I will gladly help you with the Coreys though! But you'd better hurry man, Feldman and Haim are likely to do themselves before you get to them!


Tom the Dog said...

You're second cousing with the Tall Man? That is so fucking cool.

Also, you shouldn't miss Scrubs, no matter what. It's high-larious.

Alex Scott said...

No, I'm afraid our Glorious Liberal Overlords won't be satisfied with just your club card. You must depart with the rest of the Republican lepers to the new colony they're developing between LA and New York, where you will stew with the other diseased and depraved, unable to infect the rest of us, who have either seceded from the union or joined Canada.

Though if it were up to me, I'd simply say, "Okay, you win," and wait for 2008.

Mark W. Hale said...

Sheeeeeee-it. I won a Powerjet XT-7 in a drawing from the local Fox affiliate. Might not have even been the Fox affiliate yet at that point. Sent in one lone solitary postcard. I was on fucking TELEVSION talking about that show because I won the contest and the NBC affliate got my name from the station that held the contest. One measly postcard. The Powerjet is, sadly, in a state of disassembly, but the other vehicles I have most likely still work. I've got the comemrcially produced tapes, but not the actual episodes. They'll all animated and they throw wave after wave of enemy ships at you. Got most of the action figures, too. The bird-guy is my favorite.

Man, Captain Power. A true juggernaut of marketing if ever there was one.

Corey Beckner said...
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Corey Beckner said...

Dorian - hey, we all know the pres is evil, but the people who vote for him, I'll bet more often than not are thinking of themselves not our world as whole. Selfish and sad but not evil. but I'd never tell you to stop shitting on bush, you very much have that right.

David - I understand. Each of us have reasons for hating a celebrity that are personal and cannot be truly understood by anyone else. like I can never speak of the reason for my hatred of C. Thomas Howell. The fact that the film "dream a little dream" has my name on it twice, is something that I can't let go UN-avenged.

Tom - total bullshit. The closest I've come to even meeting the tall man is when a buddy of mine had him record a message for his voice mail. Scrubs! I've only seen one episode of the entire season, it fucking sucks.

Alex - Four more years of bush, my mind can hardly get around that idea. But still, I'm not going to hate certain voters just for having a different ideology than mine. Unless the voted against that gay marriage thing, cause that's just stupid.

Mark - you will be one of the chosen few who will live to fight the scourge of the bio-dread warriors.