Sunday, November 28, 2004

when you find a laser gun in a desert, don't pick it up.

Staring: Kim Milford,Cheryl Smith, Keenan Deezen, and Roddy McDowall.

Directed by
Michael Rae

IMDB Plot Outline: A teenager stumbles upon an alien weapon, which transform him into a grotesque killer.

I loved this movie. Not because it was good, but because it didn't offer any explanation for any of the insane shit that was going on. so young Billy gets kicked around all his life, can drag race with the other boys, his girlfriend forces him to go to parties he doesn't want to go to, her grandfather is an old crazy colonel that threatens to shoot him all the time. It’s just the way of his life, which is until he finds a laser gun out in the desert, along with activating device that doubles as a necklace. Two guys try to rape his girlfriend, he gets them off of her but she begs him not to do anything. Later that same night, we see him with his laser gun. He blows up the car of the would be rapists. but we see that the gun takes a toll on young William. it seems the more he uses the weapon, the more he turns into a hideous monster. but when he wakes up in the morning, all that's left is a growth were the necklace rests. His girlfriend suggests that he should go to the doctor; naturally the doctor is Roddy McDowall. The doctor takes this mysterious growth and has it analyzed, but on his way back Billy pulls out his gun and kills Roddy. Now while this is going on, there are stop motion aliens that are watching Billy from their space ship and i can't tell if they are pleased with what he's doing or angry. Billy and his girlfriend make love on the grass and while Billy sleeps, she puts the necklace and thus turns him back into a monster. From this point on, Billy goes around killing everyone he sees, he sees a Star Wars billboard on the side of the road and it's almost as if the director wanted to say "move over Star Wars, here comes LASERBLAST!!" Billy wreaks some more havoc until he's in the middle of the street after having blown a few cars into nonexistence when the aliens come down and kill him. They leave without taking back their laser gun. The final shot is that of a dead Billy being cradled by his girlfriend. Not one single explanation and to me, that is just courage. I respect their detachment from plot and even dialogue at times and their love of props and interpretive dance. Rent this movie, but only if you are ready to think.

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