Tuesday, September 21, 2004

tonight i watched a toad eat a mouse.

I have officially had enough of fitness guru John Basedow. I never need to see him again. he can keep his muscle tits of my TV.

I rented a movie with David Carradine and Bruce Campbell and it's about town of vampires. man, that is going to be great.

Of course one of the very few things that George W. Bush has said that I agreed with (that being that you can't win a war on terrorism) he retracts almost the next day.

I don't know how to feel about Ron Marz's current run on green lantern, while it's so obviously reusing old story points it's also pissing off that fanatical sect of green lantern fans. So i'm torn.

I have officially reached Bedis burnout. I'm starting a mass drop of almost all the titles he's on that I buy.

I will never go to Australia. I just watched a documentary called "Cane Toads" that had a male toad fucking a dead female toad in the middle of a road. there's no way you can get me to go to the continent of necrophilic frogs.

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