Monday, September 13, 2004

Run Guyver Run!

I finally saw run ronnie run. It was pretty slow at first, I think the difficulty of the transition from show to movie was the most obvious in the first part of the film. I think some of its problems come from the fact that some of the jokes are taken from sketches from the show almost word for word, but that doesn’t make it any less of a funny film, but once Ronnie got to Hollywood. It was gold The Ronnie Dobbs musical scene was absolutely fantastic. And the scene with the fat kid was hilarious. But the funniest thing in the movie was jack black’s cameo. That was some funny stuff. I think if the Mr. Show guys get around to making another movie they’ll have worked out the kinks, not as good as the show by a long shot, but I still liked it and I’ll say this was funny movie.

watched the guyver the other night. the live action movie with mark hamill and jimmy j. j. walker. i saw this ten years ago. seeing it again, i'm surprised i'm not a murderer now. What the fuck is that? no, seriously, what the fuck is that movie? But it does get an A+ for fish asians.

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