Thursday, September 02, 2004

After a bit of a break from posting, I'm back with a review of a movie with fish creatures from another dimension.

From Beyond

Stuart Gordon ,Jeffrey Combs and H.P. Lovecraft should all be joined at the hip. Because I’m never disappointed when those three are together on a film. The film starts out with Jeffery Combs as a scientist who is working on an experiment to stimulate the pineal gland and it ends up opening a doorway to another universe that includes glowing floating sea life. This movie was a blast. Barbara Crampon and Ken Foree from re-animator and dawn of the dead fame respectively, put in a nice showing. But as always Jeffery Combs steals the show. Apparently when you stimulate the pineal gland it leads to your friends becoming lose fleshy beasts and you gain a love for sadomasochism. Now I’m not sure how much of this was a part of Lovecraft’s original story but god bless artistic license. This isn't Oscar winning cinema, but it does have a lot of disturbing creatures, Ken Foree shooting monsters in his underwear, Barbara Crapmton naked in a uncomfortable situation (yet again), and Jeffery Combs acting creepy as only he can. I highly recommend it.


Squidnik said...

this movie is so saddly not a part of my collection!!!
i can't find it anywere! will it ever make it to dvd??
and how about stuart gordons "dolls"??
so nice to see the poster and review on this site,
i loved this movie: jeffery combs! stuart gordon!
you lucky son of a brain muncher!

Squidnik said... head...
gingerbread man!

Corey Beckner said...

it's a fine film. i really wish it would come to dvd.