Wednesday, September 22, 2004

'Cause you could be mine but you're way out of line

OK, so I had this dream where for a moment I was duff from guns 'n roses. All I did was drink and give the finger to fans that walked by. I gave some female fans that walked by the most evil duff look and they said to themselvs "i wouldn't have his baby". then my dream changed into a commercial for coke, and the song "you could be mine" by guns n' roses was playing on a basket ball court and both teams were doing terribly, then axel rose dressed in a bright red suit drank a coke and started to play basketball like crazy, slam dunking, doing flips, then he jumped up on the hoop and looked at the "camera" he had a coke in his hand and he was holding it near his face looking at it and he said "you could be mine" then my dream changed again to this reality show about four hot Jewish girls forced to live in a loft in New York in their underwear. And for some reason Bobcat Goldthwait was there.

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