Sunday, September 12, 2004

batman the 19th was killed at a podium!

Want to know why I love superman? It’s really very simple. In issue 166 of worlds finest, in the story of the first team up of the future superman batman team.

muto (the yellow skinned mutant with the large head) was running into a cave to get away from superman, but this superman couldn't go in because sea-water was blocking the entrance. To this superman, sea-water was his kryptonite, because of radiation that had settled in the sea from an intergalactic atomic war. so what does this superman do? He flies above the cave and the water; he uses his incredible strength to stomp above the cave causing an earthquake that starts to bring the cave down around muto. And while superman is doing this, he says and i quote "there's more then one way to skin a mutant!"

That right there is why superman will always be my favorite hero. Thank you, and good day.

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