Friday, February 04, 2005

Some changes going on around here.

Since I don't have that lovable rapscallion Jason Voorhees on my banner anymore, I'm no longer a Hero To The Hydrocephalic. Just plain old Captain Corey.

Thanks to my brother Chad for all his Photoshop work.

I've also added some new folks to the living dead section, check them all out.

So fox is pulling a commercial during the super bowl that has Mickey Rooney's bare ass in it. God damn it. And here I thought I'd be done with the photomaipulations I've downloaded. looks like I'll have to pay for another year at

After some searching online, i found my pal Mike's favorite movie of all time.

The Cats History Of Western Art.

Bloody - Disgusting has an interview with Sam Raimi when he speaks of both an Evil Dead 4 as well as a remake. i'm all about Evil Dead 4, but if the remake looks like some of the other films Sam has produced lately, I've got some reservations about it.

Fuck'd. a film by my favorite green lantern, Hal Jordan.

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