Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My Top Ten Random Thoughts

1) I am really enjoying green lantern rebirth. But I'm not a member of HEAT, who would have thought?

2) If I ever become part of the royal family I wish to be known as the Duke of Pornography.

3) I am very close to the point of dropping all the spiderman books. after buying them for at least twelve years, that just blows.

4) All I need right now is a well done steak and a beer. And maybe for john candy to return from the grave.

5) I saw the video for Queens Of The Stone Age's "Little Sister". It's growing on me, but I don't know if it can measure up to the stuff from "Songs For The Deaf". it'll be good though.

6) A buddy of mine flew his plane over my house. That's just cool.

7) so the beatles are my favorite band, and i think the white album is their best album. so you would think that would be my favorite album. nope. how can it compare to This?

8) I think cinema will reach it's crescendo when we finally get the ultimate movie: James Bond Vs Dracula.

9) Never watch dracula 3000. Read that twenty times.

10) I have a deep need to know the percentage of people in America that drive in their underwear.

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