Sunday, February 27, 2005

He Wendt before his time.

Staring: Chris McKenna,Kari Wuhrer,Daniel Baldwin,Ron Livingston, and George Wendt.

Directed by Stuart Gordon

IMDB Plot Outline: A young drifter discovers his true calling.

This movie was made by the same production company as Vampires vs. Zombies. I can only assume that they make shit like that to pay for OK films like this one. It's not that great for a Stuart Gordon film, but probably the best film a number of these actors have been in. It deals with a young house painter (McKenna) getting a job offer from his coworker (Wendt) who also sometimes works for a mob boss (Baldwin). The mob boss offers the kid money to watch a local city council member (Livingston). While watching him, the kid gets a crush on his wife(Wuhrer). After a week of this the mob boss drunkenly orders the kid to kill the council member. And this all leads to nudity, hallucinations, torture, and mass murder.

There are a couple of reasons to see this. But none will ever be as convincing as the severed head of George Wendt.

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