Friday, February 11, 2005

Corey's Comic Critique

Demo # 3 : a great book. As realistic a characterization as you can get with people that get super powers. thanks to Dorian for pointing it out to me.

The Thunderbolts # 5 : silly marvel universe fun. why not?

Ultimate X - Men # 56 : I like that they are playing with the sexual ambiguity of colossus. Also mojo makes me sick in any universe.

The Walking Dead # 15 : I'm starting to feel like this book is spinning it's wheels. Even the shock ending isn't helping me keep interest.

Bloodhound# 8 : another good new Dcu character that didn't catch on with readers. I'll miss this comic.

Breach # 2: not bad, but it's not really grabbing me just yet. I'll give it a little bit longer.

Captain America # 3 : the best cap book in long time. Ed Brubaker is impressing me. this is the way Captain America should be written.

Aquaman # 27 : not much going on here. it's bubble gum, but it's a tasty bubble gum.

Punisher # 17 : it's ennis on punisher. It's good. I wonder what marvel is going to do when he finally decides he's done. My guess? Micro 2.0 .

Green Arrow # 47 : the art's not doing a lot for me, but it has the Duke of Oil, so it gets an A+. I don't understand people who have a problem with Mia being HIV positive. if you can't be socially conscious in green arrow, where can you?

The Ultimates 2 #3 : Mark Millar can only write one good book a month. this is it.

Young Avengers # 1: I was hesitant about this, but Mike told me it was all right, so I gave it a shot. It was alright. it shows a decent knowledge of the marvel universe and a competent ability to write an interesting story. I'll stick around for a little bit.

The Outsiders # 20 : The splash page of android/metamorpho clone sex was truly disgusting, so thumbs up on that.

The Incredible Hulk # 78 : no one can write the hulk like Peter David. I'm glad he's back.

Marvel Knights Spiderman # 11 : remember what I said about the Ultimates? still true.

Vimanarama #1: I have no Idea what's going on but I'm interested.

Majestic # 2 : I'm digging this more than the Joe Casey run. Maybe it's the fact that the team of Abnett and Lanning can keep the science in the story and also put in a little action.

Action Comics # 824 : it's OK but nothing to write home about.

JSA # 70 : I loves me the Per Degaton. There wasn't enough sand and sandman interaction for me, but it was still a good story.

JLA # 111 : the crime syndicate story line has been fun. It's been refreshing after the pain of the gods and the seventh circle story lines. It's been nice to look forward to reading jla again. add jla classified 1-3 and the jla line is doing damn good.

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