Saturday, March 19, 2005

Some Random Thoughts.

Where the fuck is my Night Court dvd set?

There's nothing quite like driving around and listening to The Who and then coming home and remembering that you forgot to shut off the TV and hearing the words "...And this is the life story of Herve Villechaize."

Say "Ned Beatty Loves Dead Babies" three times fast. It's not really a tongue twister but it's fun to say.

I love Gatorade. It gives me strength after working out. Much like the blood of a deer for the ancient hunter who has just caught his prey.

i watched the kill bill movies. and I've come to an understanding of Quentin Tarantino. he is the film equivalent of a sampler. a good example is in kill bill there's a guy saying "my name's buck and i wanna fuck" that's from another movie called "Eaten Alive" where the line was said by Freddy Krueger himself Robert Englund. i've also heard that other scenes in other movies have been lifted, but since i don't know, i can't say for sure. Quentin Tarantino combines things other people have done into something else. now, I'll say he has talent, but the same way someone who makes a great mix tape has talent. it's being able to use someone else's expression to say what you want. that being said, i enjoy most of his films, but that's because I'm resigned to the fact that the odds of finding something truly original are about the same of finding a winning lotto ticket up my ass.

if you type Captain Corey on a google image search, this is the best of what you'll find,

Vincent Price with a mohawk.

Vincent Price fighting soap scum.

A mutant baby bear

And Hitler a Go-Go.

i think my brain is well represented online.

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