Thursday, December 23, 2004

Some random thoughts and opinions

I'm search result number 93 in a yahoo search for werewolf. What the hell, I'll take what I can get.

I bought the newest issue of Wizard for the info on the all-star Superman deal. Not only did the cover ink come off on my hands, I was reminded why I stopped buying that book in the first place. It just reminds me of a political magazine that claims to be impartial but so obviously chooses one side over the other. In this election, I choose the side that has Chubby Da Choona on the ballot.

I will change my name to Kirk Hercules become a world renown body builder who will punch any man in the face that is six inches shorter then me and then buy him a six-pack of Heineken.

I seriously need to stop reading US and people magazines while I'm taking a shower.

I fucking hate cigarettes but God damn do I love them.

You'd have to pay me to see this movie. And after watching the trailer for The Amityville Horror remake, and then looking on imdb, one question has come to my brain. Does this world need Michael Bay?

I seriously want a filet minion from this place called "Jocko's" about 30 minutes outside of Solvang. The place is a dive and filled with rednecks but it has the finest food I have ever eaten, the steak was so good that I forgot about the potato, and it fucking takes a lot to make an Irish man forget about a potato.

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