Wednesday, December 15, 2004

if you see this to rent, hide it. the life you might be saving could be your own.

Staring:Bonny Giroux,C.S. Munro,Maratama Carlson, Peter Ruginis, and
Brinke Stevens

Directed by
Vince D'Amato

Tagline: The battle between the living dead and the undead has begun!

Seriously, fuck this movie. Even nudity and gore couldn't save this piece of shit. The only good part was an old man called the general chopping off the head of a very sub par beauty queen and making a weird scream as he does it. There are barely any vampires vs. zombie scenes in the movie. I'm not even sure what characters were vampires most of the time. And in a fucking movie called vampires vs. zombies, I should fucking know. I want the time I spent watching that movie given back to me. Even if I spent the time with painful explosive diarrhea it would be better than watching that film. I can't talk about this. I still feel too violated.

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