Thursday, April 14, 2005

Random comic book thoughts.

I like green lantern:rebirth. Hal Jordan is my favorite green lantern, but I also have every appearance of Kyle Rayner. so let's not assume that every person that is liking rebirth is a member of some retarded fan club.

Why did 9/11 have such a big effect on the marvel universe? considering how many superheroes and villains that live in Manhattan alone, the daily body count must be at least five hundred. let's take the ten people that Omega Red kills every time he appears and then most likely on the same day Terrax kills about twenty or thirty. that's not even counting Venom, Carnage, or a heavy hitter like Magneto. The death toll for a month must be in the tens of thousands. So I don't get the impact on the characters, unless of course it was all a gimmick to tie into a tragedy.

Is it wrong that I might buy every variant cover of the new Friday The 13th comic book?

Mark Millar's Spider-Man was such a let down. The story would have been so much better if the villain behind the story was the Spider-Clone. it would have taken balls to bring back the clone knowing how it would piss off a good number of the fans. at least DC is Correcting the mistake they made with the Batman Hush storyline.

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