Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The power and the glory that is The Carradine

Staring : David Carradine,Luke Askew,Anthony De Longis, and Maria Socas.

Directed by
John C. Broderick

IMDB Plot Summary : The mighty warrior, Kain, crosses the barren wastelands of the planet Ura, where two arch enemies, Zeg and the evil degenerate Balcaz, fight incessantly for control of the village's only well. Kain sees his opportunity and announces that his sword is for hire...But his eyes stay clearly on the beautiful captive sorceress Naja, and his newly awakened purpose.

This is not a good film, but it is a great one. So this is a sword and sorcery piece. But it's even more than that. Just imagine Yojimbo but with David Carradine and lizard people. It's a bizarre film. If you've seen Youjimbo or the western adaptation A Fistful of Dollars then you've seen this. The main difference is that this movie has a lizard man. A terrifying little creature that is both counsel to the obese Balcaz and I think, his vaguely implied sexual partner. This movie also has an abundance of nude women. There is an orgy, of course, but it seems a good number of the town women were given outfits that would move out of place and expose their breast if they moved in the slightest. That not even counting the Four breasted topless dancer that attempts to kill The Carradine. Oh and then there is Maria Socas. She is topless throughout the whole movie. I guess she's supposed to be the Sorceress but she shows little magical ability, unless showing your tits is some sort of witchcraft that I didn't know about. This is all well and good. But the reason anybody would rent this movie is David Carradine. And I can honestly say that I am addicted to seeing that man sword fight on film. Thanks to the wonder of Netflix, I should be able to keep from going into withdrawals.

My Verdict: It's a David Carradine sword and sorcery adaptation of Yojimbo, with topless women and a lizard man. Rent the God damned movie already.

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