Thursday, October 07, 2004

"It's insane, this guy's taint"

Man, do I feel like shit. I feel so damn weak. I'm sure going through a bit of nicotine withdrawal dosen't help. But the worst part is that I wanted to head to the beach today. That is so not happening.

On the bright side, I did just watch the Mr. Show fourth season DVD. That's some wonderful stuff. I fucking love that monk academy sketch. So fantastic.

You know, I just absolutely love the law & order shows.

so I read ultimate spider-man #66, and I just found it funny how when a fan asks in a letter in powers, if the ultimate spider-man will ever meet the original spider-man and bedis says " eww, what is this, dc?" yet he has wolverine and spider-man having switched bodies. Oh that's right, only dc does the totally unbelievable shit, I'm sorry I forgot.

The only thing I truly love about the bush presidency, is the fact that the I could totally see the first lady catching squirrels and ripping off their heads with her teeth.. And that's pretty awesome.

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Mark W. Hale said...

There's a body-swapping story in Ultimate Spider-Man? Seriously? I swear, after the body-swapping story in Quantum & Woddy, you better have something seriously fucking brilliant or hilarious to say about that hoary old chestnut. I'm glad I stopped all the Ultimate books. It makes me feel like a better person.