Monday, August 16, 2004

Why I hate green lantern fans.

I'm one of the biggest fans of green lantern that I know. I have almost every green lantern story ever published. I have many action figures rings and hardcovers. Hal Jordan is my favorite green lantern. I'm looking forward to his returning to the ring slinging. But unlike most green lantern fans I can handle change. I'm speaking of course of the change in Hal Jordan's green lantern costume.

here is a picture of the new action figure coming out.

and here is a figure of his old costume.

Not much of a difference is there? Just a little less attention placed on the groin. And of course this has angered some green lantern fans. On a message board I read someone saying this "I didn't wait ten years for Hal Jordan to come back for him to look like this" how dare DC update a costume. This is why I hate green lantern fans. I wish the jack black green lantern movie was actually coming out, if only to watch these fanboys heads explode.


Ian said...

I thought it would be funny if Hal came back, but he had to be Kyle's assistant. That would make fanboy's heads explode.

Corey Beckner said...

it would make sense, you don't kill everyone and not get some sort of punishment.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Corey! Thanks for linking to my BLog!