Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Now for a new feature

Horror Actor Spotlight

Larry Zerner aka Shelly from Friday the 13th part 3.

Shelly was a very important character in the Friday the 13th series. This is because he is the one that gave Jason the hockey mask. Shelly was underwater trying to scare the girl he was attracted to so he wore a mask and popped up out of the water and did a good job of it. Later shelly was killed and Jason finally got his mask. If you have been wondering what Larry has been up to, just go to his website. Larry is now an attorney at law.

All I know is that if I need legal help, I’m going to go to shelly!


Ian said...

This is a cool feature. I'd like to see Shelley go to court in a hockey mask. If I was on the jury I'd side with him after that.

Corey Beckner said...

you have to love the shelly.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout-out.

Larry Zerner

Corey Beckner said...

no problem, larry. i'm a big fan.