Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello Again.

OK. So my last post was almost four years ago. needless to say, I'm rusty. but i'll attempt to try this again. it'll have less up to date comic book related content, because i'm not up to date. a fact that a small yet loud part of me screams that i'm failing it and that it will kill me for it. I'll try to still talk about bad movies, maybe do movie centered posts when i find something of true and unyielding glory. while i have neither the schooling nor ability to do a blog for as long while maintaining quality like my pals Mike & Dorian. i will attempt to follow suit. like ten years later. think of this as the kids table of blogs. you'll be far less disappointed that way.

to add a little content to this, I'll swipe some posts from my tumbler until I get this thing is up to (kid table) snuff.

Peter has a Pj problem.
Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 Issue : 211
Artists: John Romita Jr. & Jim Mooney

The Death of Krypto The Superdog
Action Comics Vol.1 Issue: 538
Artists: Curt Swan & Kurt Schaffenberger


Star Wars Vol. 1 Issue: 21
Artists : Carmine Infantino & Gene Day

That kid in the bottom right corner, I’d have the same expression. Also, Brunette Cookie Monster controls gravity. Good to know.

Action Comics vol.1 Issue 506
Art: Ross Andru & Dick Giordano

That's it for now. I'll attempt to do this daily, but no promises. And for Rao's sake, if you look at my old posts, remember, I was in my early twenties, with the anger and entitlement that comes with that age.  Good Journey, folks!

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