Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the greatest movie I have ever seen.

Staring : Alan Arkin ,Christopher Lee , Kate Fitzpatrick, and Michael Pate.

Directed by
Philippe Mora

Netflix Plot Summary: What happens to superheroes when they become has-beens? Captain Invincible, exiled from the U.S. during the McCarthy era, is now a hopeless alcoholic bum living in Australia. But when the sinister Mr. Midnight hatches a plan to annihilate citizens of New York City, the Captain is called back to America to save the day. First, though, he must reactivate those long-dormant superpowers! Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee co-star.

My Verdict : There is absolutely nothing I could say that would compare with just showing you a video of Christopher Lee singing about the glories of alcohol in a song written by Richard O'Brien of Rocky horror fame.

click on the amazing Christopher Lee to download the video.

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