Monday, June 27, 2005

random shit.

I Must see this film.

If you ever wanted to see what i look like, here's your chance

I watched the Romero zombie trilogy over the weekend and I'm damn ready to see Land of the Dead tonight.

I recommend a viewing of The Origins of AIDS. in this movie, they claim that AIDS started by a mass vaccination of an experimental polio vaccine in the Congo in the late fifties. If that's true, you can blame one man for AIDS. That's fucking nuts.

Why didn't anyone tell me that Lewis Black was in Jacob's Ladder?

My brother and I have come up with the ultimate gentleman's past time. Classy Poker. Just picture a group of well to do men playing poker (women are allowed join but only upon confirmation of written permission from her husband or father ). These men would wear top hats and smoke pipes while classical music plays in the background. And when you display your cards it is done with respect. And each move is refined and elegant. if a player is accused of cheating, he must mount his pure bred steed and defend himself from such accusations in a joust. If the proper equines cannot be obtained then a pistol duel at dawn will suffice. Maybe this is the way poker was once played, but it isn't anymore. We wish it to return to it's more civilized roots.

My blog is a little over a year old.

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